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Rowing hikes aboard yolettes in Belgium and elsewhere

Rowing hikes

The walks are one-day walks, but can also be organised over several days. The routes vary from 25 to 40 km per day.

They often allow you to discover regions in an unusual way: from the water! One of the best known examples is the Vogalonga, which takes you around the Venice lagoon every Sunday after Ascension Day. Closer to home, the Meuse, the Haute-Sambre and the Lys are all destinations. Not forgetting the Bay of the Somme or the Saône, which are regularly on the agenda.

At the UNB, a group is in charge of rowing hikes. Each of its members proposes and organises a hike, ensuring the link with the organisers on site, collecting the contributions and ensuring the hiring or, if necessary, the transport of the equipment. 

The hikes are open to all members of the club.

The concept of rowing hikes

Hikes in Belgium or elsewhere generally take place in yolettes. They allow you to discover towns and countryside from canals or rivers. They range in varying degrees of difficulty. They are organized according to the inspiration of the members and the program is completed during the year.